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Tier 1- Pro Subscription (Cost $100/year)

A yearly subscription which will enable high resolution downloads for personal use and access to detailed behind the scenes information (camera settings, gear combinations, and techniques) in addition to access to a closed Facebook group which will allow new images to appear directly in your newsfeed and new image galleries. The photos that I upload are a selection of the best from a set, however I often have alternate angles, backgrounds, etc...And so for the first 100 members, if there's a particular image that you like you can message me and where possible I'll upload additional, alternate photos. 

Tier 2 - Standard Subscription (Cost $12/year)

Standard yearly subscription will permit viewing of all new material and access to closed Facebook group so any new photos will appear in your newsfeed.


Free 1 day trial (No Cost)

For parties interested in the purchase of photos please contact me at for me to enable the free trial for viewing of member's only galleries.

New Subscribers

Subscription fee, exemptions, and considerations

Membership fee

1)  Membership fee will be $12 annually subject to change (with ample notice).  This membership model is new to me and this first year will serve as a trial period. I do not want cost to be a barrier to those loyal friends, fans, and viewers who have followed me throughout the years, as well as newcomers who may wish to view my photos. While I will strive to maintain this low cost, it will ultimately be dependent on the total number of subscribers. Any changes to the pricing will be accompanied by an email announcement, as well as a public notice on the announcements page and on Facebook. This will be a tiered subscription model; currently 2-tiers are available (Pro and standard subscriptions) and further customization may become available in the future. 

2) Exemptions

a) Professional and semi-professional photographers that earn a portion of their income from photography. I still derive enjoyment and inspiration from their photos and I feel it would be unfair to prevent them from reciprocal enjoyment.

b) Researchers; specifically those who have been instrumental in helping to provide identifications and information over the years.

c) For parties interested in purchasing photos; a temporary (1 day) free pass will be provided to enable viewing and selection from the subscriber's database. Please inquire via

3) Additional Considerations

10% of subscription proceeds will be donated to a charity devoted to Rainforest conservation (TBD).

This change is partially the result of health problems I have been facing for the past year (outlined in greater detail below). Therefore, feel confident that your contribution is of real benefit and is greatly appreciated.

Why the change to a subscription-based model?

I have decided after long deliberation that I will be reducing the number of public domain photos and be moving to a subscription-based model. Some amongst you know that I was diagnosed with Lyme disease this past fall which has seriously affected my travel and photography opportunities this year, and undoubtedly into the future. Medical costs vary from $1000-2000/month and due to arcane restrictions in the Canadian health system, Chronic Lyme disease is not recognized as an actual disease and hence not covered by universal health care. So rather than start a Go Fund Me or Kickstarter campaign and appeal to people’s sense of charity which I’ve never been keen on, hopefully people will have an interest in both the continued viewing of my photos from around the world and operating under the knowledge that they are contributing to my continued health and ability to take those photos. 

Although this health crisis has helped push me over the edge in making the decision, the primary concern has been a steady and increasing unauthorized use and abuse of photos. Without these few irresponsible individuals I would probably have left things as they are, and it is a shame that a few should tread on the enjoyment of everyone else, but unfortunately I have already moved to the point of resolution.

How will this model differ from your current, public domain database or "Why should I subscribe?"

The introduction of the subscription system will mean that I will be reducing my publishing to Flickr, Facebook and the various other fora I normally post to, to a very limited selection of 26-52 photos/year or roughly once every couple weeks. For many of you this might be fine, and I don’t begrudge those who are dissatisfied with my decision and don’t wish to make the transition with me. However all new content will henceforth be members only. A paid subscription will unlock additional galleries; visible, though not accessible to the public without a password. 

All photos that can currently be viewed publicly will remain available for viewing without cost. Obviously this in no way changes the copyright, and use or purchase of photos will still be subject to a fee.

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